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Welcome to Bal-Tech Medical
Cosmetic Laser Equipment & Accessories

Consultation and sale of high-quality preowned, reconditioned and refurbished cosmetic lasers, pulsed light sources, surgical & dental lasers and equipment.

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We Have the Expertise ...

Company Owner and President Bob Balance has over 25 years of experience in the medical laser field, much of it as a sales executive for one of the world’s most successful office-based laser manufacturers….so he’s seen and heard it all in the industry…and he knows how to best decipher it for those who are confused and need to make a wise decision that not only saves money but positions their practice for the best clinical offerings.

Bal-Tech Medical’s world-wide network of physicians, lease companies and equipment wholesalers allows the company to obtain high-quality preowned equipment and refurbished equipment often times at half the cost of buying new.

Many manufacturers also partner with Bal-Tech to take advantage of its reputation and loyal customers, providing new, demo or factory-refurbished systems available at great savings.

A Natural Melanin Enhancer

Laser hair removal has provided an effective solution for millions of people looking to rid themselves of unwanted hair. However, people with blonde, gray and white hair have been repeatedly turned away from laser treatment because their hair has too little melanin to be treated effectively. There is not a laser in the world that has offered hope to light haired people-until Meladine. Meladine has proven to aid lasers in effectively targeting and disabling non-pigmented hair follicles.

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Bal-Tech’s 7,200-square-foot facility includes its own laser service clean room, heated warehouse, laser display conference room and corporate offices.

Bal-Tech is the only full-service independent broker in America that possesses all of these capabilities, including the most solid equipment warranties in the business, backed by some of the top laser technicians in the country. Plans are customized for full coverage, labor-only or preventive maintenance programs.

"Every aspect of a client’s experience with Bal-Tech Medical is based on the best value possible," Balance said. "Our customers will save money on equipment, supplies and service, and also benefit tremendously from our expertise in all aspects of this business. Our charter is to provide clients the best advice, equipment and service at the absolute greatest value. "

The success stories for Bal-Tech clients have a common theme – medical personnel delving into the cosmetic medical field for the first time suddenly find themselves in the middle of the most popular, lucrative medical trend unfolding in the country. It can be very intimidating and confusing. To have Bal-Tech Medical in their corner has been the key.

Because of Bal-Tech Medical’s experience in this business and its numerous reliable contacts, we know where to look when a customer is in need of a certain product in a specific price range.

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